The Allure© photography studios 

How it all started

In 2014 when I started the Allure© photography studios, I wanted to make everyday women, I mean not those in magazines, accessible to the atmosphere of professional studios, with beautiful photos to boot.

I couldn't imagine the emotional impact that a photo session could have, each one arriving with their story, their wounds, their view of themselves, their complexes...

Little by little, I understood that my work went beyond the framework of simple beautiful images, had a real raison d'être, an almost therapeutic utility.

In the worlds of fashion and advertising, which I have worked with, where much more than the excessive retouching, so decried, where everything is made and adjusted to the millimeter, there is behind a long team effort, photographer , make-up artist, hairdresser, stylist... so how not to be beautiful in these conditions?

I wanted to show that with fewer means, you could also be beautiful, in simplicity, in the brilliance of a look, of an attitude, and beyond the simple beautiful image, for some, regain confidence in YOU .

Thank you to all those who trusted me, I hope you will have brought what you expect, because on my side this human experience fulfills me every moment.