They have taken the step...Now is your turn!

"A magnificent experience that I recommend to everyone! An investment for oneself, a therapy of well-being and better-being, to feel developed as a woman. Thank you Allure!"



"Good evening Marlene, I have just viewed the photos with my companion. I have never found myself so beautiful in photos.

Thank you for your professionalism, I am delighted... I find them just magnificent... Thank you again."



"Thanks to Samia for the magnificent make-up. A real pro. Thanks to Marlene who succeeded in giving me confidence. You have the eye. Every detail is defined, the lighting, the pose... A very big thank you Allure team."



"A warm welcome, a make-up artist who does not hesitate to put us at ease, a photographer who listens to his model, very considerate and makes sure that we are quickly at ease and confident so that the shooting is really a cakewalk. Personally, I really learned during this session and I do not regret having taken the step. I recommend this talented and charming photographer with your eyes closed. You will not be disappointed )."



"Much more than I expected... There is a "before" and an "after"...another 1000 thanks Allure... Nice road!!"



"To do at least once in your life. Magical and unforgettable moment"



"They're really really great. You did a great job.

In fact, I still can't believe it..."



"Thank you for these wonderful photos!!!! I am shocked to see myself like this you are awesome!!!!"



" Thanks again !

I REALLY love all the photos! I already want to do another session!"



"They are beautiful, hard to believe it's me."



"Thank you very much Marlene. Very nice meeting, sunny afternoon and outstanding photographer.

I say bravo, I say thank you and really from the bottom of my heart know that you give confidence to women who doubt themselves.



"Thank you for this well-being that you brought me, thank you for giving me the opportunity to feel a little good despite my complexes and for realizing that we are all beautiful in our own way."


"Marlene sublimates women. You feel beautiful. It's like therapy.

Do not hesitate to treat yourself to a unique moment for a reasonable price given the make-up, the hairstyle and the duration of the session with a pro who is passionate about his work and who puts you at ease!!!"



"A very big thank you, for once I love myself."



"Marlene is very nice and the photos are beautiful. Having just 5 that are really great is enough to boost your self-esteem!"



"Thank you thank you for the pictures I'm THRILLED!"



"Hello, I wanted to thank you, the photos are magnificent, they make me discover a part of myself that I did not know. A big thank you for your professionalism."



"I wanted to tell you that I just viewed the photos and I can't believe it... I've never had such beautiful images of me... Thank you..."



"Thank you again for your particular look and your great ability to put your novice models at ease..."



"You have done magic...They are beautiful..."



"Incredible experience, a real boost for self-confidence!

Neat and quality work. A "must do" for all!

Thank you Marlene for this beautiful gift!"



"I can't believe the result... I don't see myself like that... it's the photographer and the make-up artist who do everything! In fact, you make magic..."